17-Debbie Olsen HOOKS Reluctant Readers with Voxer


When I was in 3rd grade, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was read a book. Debbie Olsen, an inclusion teacher from Long Island, New York, certainly recognizes this attitude. So, she decided to use Voxer, the 21st Century Walkie Talkie, to get 9-year-old boys excited about reading. Listen to this episode and you’ll be hooked on Voxer’s potential to engage your reluctant readers!  

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Inner Beyoncé?????

Debbie is entering her 25th year of teaching. Much of that time has been spent in Bay Shore, New York as an inclusion teacher. She’s also worked as the building Literacy Coordinator for many years. Reading is her true passion. She loves to share that passion with her students. Debbie believes every child can love reading, if we get the right books in their hands. You can find her on Twitter, @olsencrew.  If you are looking to try ‘Voxing’ with your class and want to talk it through, her Voxer handle is olsencrew. You can also email her at olsencrew95@gmail.com. She’d love to connect with you!

Here’s Debbie’s letter home to parents describing Voxer:

Voxer Bookclub

Episode Template

The Problem:

Boys aren’t excited about reading.

The Solution:

Hook them by creating a Voxer reading group.

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Craft a letter to parents explaining your objectives.
  • Demonstrate Voxer.
  • Designate a reading for the full Voxer treatment.

Create a Voxer book club. It’s a cool way to hook reluctant readers.

Listen to the episode for more detail: