35-Connie Hamilton and Starr Sackstein Urge you to Rethink Homework

There are so many things in education that we do simply because they’ve always been done…and done a certain way. Take the school calendar. We follow an antiquated model that was crafted to serve our agrarian society in the late 19th Century. But most are accustomed to the typical school calendar regardless of whether it makes sense educationally. The same could be said of homework. Teachers, parents, and administrators must reevaluate the entire homework paradigm. StudentsĀ are also a crucial voice! It’s time to evolve! Connie HamiltonĀ and Starr Sackstein are here to help. On today’s episode, they’ll talk about their new book “Hacking Homework”.






Episode Template

The Problem:

Educators need to rethink homework.

The Solution:

Solicit input from parents, administrators, and students in your quest to make homework impactful and relevant.

What you can do tomorrow:

  1. Evaluate tomorrow’s assignment
  2. Solicit information from students
  3. Solicit information from parents

Out of class assignments can be a powerful learning tool. Let’s evolve them for a new century!

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