1st Socoratic Circle

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I can’t believe I’ve been teaching for all these years and never…until today…tried a Socratic Circle.  Today was transformative!  Students in my dual enrollment class (Big Walnut University), were tasked with discussing the question, “How do you make people behave?”  The students applied ancient Chinese philosophies to the prompt:

  • Confucianism
  • Daoism
  • Legalism

My class moved the desks to form an inner and outer circle.  The inner circle discussed, then the outer circle evaluated.  Then, roles were switched.  These kids:

  • Explored
  • Questioned
  • Pontificated
  • Enlightened
  • Pondered
  • and Speculated

I sat in the back observing, and kept my mouth shut!  What an interesting class period.  This will absolutely be a staple of my instructional arsenal.   And…I have no doubt that my students have a solid understanding of the philosophies.  Bout’ time I got on board!

Connecting Through Clothing

Most days, I put together a solid ensemble, look in the mirror, and ponder…”How could this outfit be tied to my curriculum?”  No kidding!  I actually do this.  I use my clothing as a hook to elaborate an interesting concept.

But more importantly…these efforts bond me to students.  Say what?  Oh yes…students become quite intrigued by the whole mystery of “What exactly is Sturtevant’s attire communicating today?”  This often leads to ample enjoyable interaction.  Even if, that communication includes statements like, “Mr. Sturtevant…you’re a bizarre individual!”

Yes, I spiced up yesterday’s casual Friday with this ensemble. I love the maroon and orange/yellow hues in this shirt.  It reminds me of the robes worn by Buddhist monks.  Hence, this concoction is called…”Buddhism’s Great Vehicle”


Samsara and 1st Period Conference

2500 hundred years ago, Siddhartha Gautama enlightened the world about Impermanence.  Samsara is the concept of constant flow.  Change, paradoxically, is an absolute.  Great suffering occurs when we cling to possessions, and or, the present.

I’m striving to accept my mortality.  I’m striving to accept the ageing process.  To do so, could lead to GREAT freedom.   But that doesn’t mean I neglect my health and vitality.  Far from it…I derive pleasure out of maintaining my health and suppleness.

This semester, I have 1st period conference.  At first, I was disappointed.  1st period conference equates to a long day.

But my paradigm shifted. Most over the age of 40 have at least some low back stiffness.  I’m no exception.  I now look at this early conference period as an opportunity.  So…I stretch out my lower back each morning, before the teenage hordes of Eastern Delaware County flood Room 111.


Perhaps, my more supple body will filter upwards and facilitate a suppler mind and disposition.  We shall see.  Regardless, I’ll only have 1st period conference for one semester…SAMSARA!

The Last Summer Jaunt

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Yes, I know…I try strange things. Just for the heck of it…i washed my dishes on Wednesday evening at 6 PM, and did’t eat again till Thursday at 6 PM. That small meal I ate very slowly, in silence, savoring each bite! It was a great 24 hrs. I felt light, not too hungry, energized, quite spiritual. I can see doing this periodically. Here’s a good article on the 24 Hour Fast: