87-The New Year’s Resolution Ice-Breaker Game

Yes…I know it’s January 8th, but it’s not too late to lay the New Year’s Resolution Ice-Breaker Game on your students. This goal-setting opportunity affords teachers a wonderful chance to:

  • deputize students in their resolution quest
  • enlighten kids about their lives outside the classroom
  • make themselves more approachable
  • gives teachers a needed boost in obtaining their goals
  • helps kids get to know one another
  • encourages students to set goals
  • challenges kids to make their goals public, which gives goals more umph

This is an exceedingly easy activity to set-up. All you need is a class roster copy for each student and a Padlet Labeled New Year’s Resolutions. Pass out a roster to each student and provide each with the Padlet link. I gave my students the following directions:

For the next minute, create some resolutions for this year. Please keep the resolutions to yourself and any resolution you publish in this activity must be school-appropriate.

Next, choose one resolution you’re willing to share. Post it on the Padlet, but DO NOT attach your name!

Read each post on the Padlet. Try to match some of the resolutions with your classmates on the roster I provided.

Episode Template

The Problem:

Students often don’t know their classmates well…AND kids need help formulating and then realizing their goals.


Play the New Year’s Resolution Ice-Breaker Game this week!

What you can do Tomorrow:

  • Create some resolutions you’re willing to share with students
  • Produce a roster copy for each student.
  • Create a Padlet for New Year’s Resolutions.
  • Decide how to reward successful guessers.

The New Year’s Resolution Ice-Breaker Game is a marvelous way to start this semester!

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