27-Dorali Arambula…a Beautiful Young Dreamer on More Inclusive Schools

Dorali Arambula is senior at Westerville North High School in suburban Columbus, Ohio. Dorali was born in Mexico, but she moved to the United States at age 2. America is her home. She has no recollection of Mexico.


Dorali Arambula

Dorali Arambula

Dorali was in my class 2 years ago. At the end of that school year, her family moved down the road to a neighboring school. As you’ll learn in the episode, It was not the first time she’d moved schools. Sit back and listen to her fascinating life journey. Sometimes she’s felt welcomed and valued, other times not.


With the brutal political rhetoric we’ve all experienced during this election season, it’s so wonderful to hear her uplifting voice! We all have a lot to learn from this beautiful dreamer!

Episode Template

The Problem:

Some students feel disenfranchised.

The Solution:

Become more empathetic and aware.

What You Can Do Tomorrow?

  • Take note of a student who might feel excluded.
  • Analyze why this youngster might feel this way.
  • Monitor your words and deeds. 
  • Strategically pair excluded students with positive peers.
  • Practice empathy 24/7. 

Make all your students feel welcome and included.

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