38-Transform your Class into a Daily TED Talk

Educators have an unquenchable thirst to explain. I have this urge. If some students don’t get it, it’s my job to clarify. Unfortunately, this tendency can disengage students who got it the first time.

It’s been my observation, both from the standpoint of being a student…and then working with colleagues as an adult, that teachers aren’t the best at weighing the trade-offs of their marathon explanations, presentations, and lectures. Let’s be less windy. Let’s become more attuned to nonverbal cues from our students. When we’ve lost the eyes, when their heads start to droop, when they get fidgety, when they’re unresponsive to prompts, they’re disengaged and we need to adjust.

A great template for teacher presentations is the ubiquitous TED Talk. I must confess, I love TED Talks. Some, like one I watched recently on posture, have profoundly impacted my life. TED Talks do not exceed 18 minutes.  Professional coach Carmine Gallo explains the TED Talk model in his article “The Science Behind TED’s 18-Minute Rule.”

When you reduce your airtime, it paves the way for student collaboration!

Episode Template

The Problem:

Teachers talk too much!

The Solution:

Morph your presentations into daily TED Talks by limiting the amount of time you speak.

What you can do tomorrow:

  • Invoke the 10-minute Rule.
  • Let students in on the challenge.
  • Practice the Clear the Deck Manoeuvre.
  • Practice the Listen to me with your Face Manoeuvre.
  • Clear the center of the room to create the Agora.

To engage kids, limit how much you talk and increase how much students collaborate.

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  1. I love this idea. It reminds me a bit of an old movie (1996), The Mirror Has Two Faces with Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges when they compare their teaching styles. I enjoy the movie and think most teachers immediately see the problem with Jeff Bridges’ teaching style.

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