62-Engage with me about Engagement on the #HackLearning Twitter Chat

On Sunday morning July 9th, from 8:30 to 9:00 AM EST, I will moderate the #HackLearning Twitter Chat. This is in preparation for the release of my second engagement book “Hacking Engagement Again”, which will be available in early August. Please participate! Here are the questions:

8:37-Q1: How do you engage students with lesson hooks?
8:45-Q2: What are some strategies that can make lessons ultra-engaging?
8:52-Q3: How can the assessment of student learning be conducted in a way that engages learners?

Even if you’re not available to participate, check out #HackLearning after the fact and see how educators and students from around the world answered these transformational prompts.

Just like in my Episode 37 where I promote conducting class Twitter Chats, I’m currently loading my prompts and responses on Tweetdeck. This will be a blast! Please come join us Sunday.

Listen to “62-Engage with me about Engagement on the #HackLearning Twitter Chat” on Spreaker.

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