64-The Learning Scientists have a Vaccine for Test Anxiety

The Learning Scientist are researchers determined to help teachers build academic confidence in their students. They do this by offering proven strategies to help kids achieve. Here is the team:

Megan Smith, PhD

Yana Weinstein, PhD

Cindy Wooldridge, PhD

Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel, PhD

Remarkably, they provide all of this free free advice via a comprehensive and powerful resource, which is their website. My suggestion, before you dive in, is to watch this 8-minute overview of their 6 strategies.

In this episode, I’ll discuss with Dr. Smith and Dr. Kupper-Tetzel:

  • How the Learning Scientists came to be
  • How to utilize their tremendous website
  • 2 of their 6 strategies

My exposure to their website was pure serendipity. In early June, my wife and I attended a PD session at Columbus State Community College. Prior to the day’s breakout sessions, we were subjected to keynote remarks. I say subjected to, because sometimes such monologues can amble on without much relevance. But this presentation was different. Dr. Smith and Dr. Wooldridge mounted the stage and enlightened us about research findings in regard to student retention. Their spiel was interesting, but what engaged me was their website. I pulled out my tablet and bounced all over their site while they spoke. I thought, Wow. I can use these techniques.

Immediately after their presentation, I ambled up to Megan and Cindy, introduced myself, and invited them to appear on my podcast. This episode is the product of that interaction.

If you’re listening to this episode prior to July 19, please join these fine ladies for their Learning Scientists Twitter Chat at 4PM EST on the 19th. #lrnscichat 

Episode Template

The Problem:

Students have no idea how to study.

The Solution:

Employ the strategies of the Learning Scientists.

What you can do Tomorrow:

  • Explore the Learning Scientist’s website.
  • Carve out a portion of tomorrow’s lesson to practice one of their strategies
  • Map out other times during the week where you can employ other strategies, especially Spaced Practice and Retrieval Practice. 

Let the Learning Scientists help you help your kids build academic confidence.

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