65-Matthew Porricelli Preaches the Gospel of Student-Led Learning and his 4th Grade Disciples Back him 1000%

Matthew Porricelli is a 4th grade teacher at the┬áMamaroneck Avenue School just outside of Manhattan. In this marvelous episode, we learn about Mr. P’s classroom from expert witnesses…his students:

These kids are a joy to listen to and the things they describe should be standard operating procedure in every classroom regardless of the level. PLEASE check out Matt’s Google Doc which describes:

  • Flexible Seating
  • Student-Led Lessons
  • Passion Projects (Which the kids frequently reference during the recording)
  • Hacking Assessment

Mr. P’s class sounds like a dream, but what really moved me, was the way these young folks responded to their teacher. It’s apparent that there’s a bottomless mutual affection. This episode is golden for it’s outstanding suggestions on pedagogy, but there’s something more…something more profound and important. Matt’s students are crazy about him! As you listen to these wonderful voices, keep asking yourself, How can I evolve such a climate in my room?

I received outstanding reviews on my book Hacking Engagement. One review, however, was critical. The reader felt like my hacks were geared too much towards older kids. If someone throws out constructive criticism, I try to swallow my ego and learn and make adjustments. Hence, I’ve had 2 shows this summer featuring elementary students. They’ve been wonderful episodes!

The Problem:

Teachers are stuck in outdated instructional models.

The Solution:

Emulate Matt Porricelli’s teaching style.

What you can do Tomorrow:

  • Answer this question: What clues did you hear in the episode which would explain Matt’s kid’s deep affection for him?┬áCompile a list of ideas and determine how you could implement some in your classroom.
  • Read Matt’s awesome Google Doc.
  • Take one of the ideas he promotes and weave it into tomorrow’s lesson.
  • Debrief students at the end of the experience.
  • Seek out a like-minded colleague who would be game to experiment with some of Matt’s techniques. This partner in crime can help you and vice-versa.

The world is changing at warp speed. Education needs to change too. Matt’s classroom is the classroom of the future. Emulate his fine example!

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