89-If your Kids have Grown Tired of Kahoot, Please try Quizlet Live…Starring Jennifer Ladd

I was exposed to Kahoot a few years back. I loved it immediately. It’s been a huge hit at our school. Unfortunately, there can be too much of a good thing. Many of our kids are tired of Kahoot. Kahoot also has foundational flaws. Invariably, there are students who emerge as virtually unbeatable in Kahoot. Guessing quickly in Kahoot also can pay huge dividends, so many kids mindlessly respond without investing much thought. I still like Kahoot…but I was thrilled to find an alternative.

And here, dear reader, is where Quizlet Live makes a dramatic entrance. I became exposed to this wonderful platform a few months ago. I knew instantly that it was a massive upgrade from Kahoot. Quizlet Live creates a beautiful competition between randomly selected teams of students. On your SmartBoard, students monitor a fascinating horse race unfold. Your students will be enthralled!

I have a wonderful guest to help tell the story of Quizlet Live. Jennifer Ladd is an elementary teacher at Scotch Elementary in suburban Detroit. Jennifer and I got to know one another through interacting during a Twitter chat. From the moment we started interacting, I knew she had the potential to be a marvelous guest. I was not disappointed!


Episode Template

The Problem:

Students need a fresh class competition platform.

The Solution:

Quizlet Live is an outstanding option.

What you can do Tomorrow:

  • Create 12 Flashcards in Quizlet
  • Select the Live Option

  • Select Create Game

  • Project the following to students tomorrow and then Go To Town!

Quizlet Live is an awesome way for kids to collaborate in an ultra-engaging fashion.

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