Buddhist Mandala

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a terrific way to bond with students, is have them create. As your kids engage in the artistic process, you can cruise around the room and socialize. Ask them anything, it doesn’t have to be about the assignment.  I find young people are quite open when they drop their inhibitions and pick up a pen, a pencil, or a crayon.

Last week at Big Walnut University, we crafted Buddhist mandalas.  Mandala means circular container of essence in Sanskrit.  Buddhist monks collectively create these amazing, spiritual circles of brightly colored sand.  After they have completed their work, they quickly destroy their spectacular creation demonstrating the concept of impermanence.

Here is a short video on how its done:


I made a circular collage out of the mandalas my students submittedmandala 3

This young lady’s mandala is spectacular

photo (93)


If anyone would like to know how we constructed these, shoot me an email.  I can attach instructions in a reply.

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  1. I love the blog Sturtevant! Keep doing what you’re doing. I hope that other educators can take a card from your playbook and engage the students on a personal and professional level. It’s that kind of interaction that had made your class and teachings stick with students for years to come.

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