Connecting Through Clothing

Most days, I put together a solid ensemble, look in the mirror, and ponder…”How could this outfit be tied to my curriculum?”  No kidding!  I actually do this.  I use my clothing as a hook to elaborate an interesting concept.

But more importantly…these efforts bond me to students.  Say what?  Oh yes…students become quite intrigued by the whole mystery of “What exactly is Sturtevant’s attire communicating today?”  This often leads to ample enjoyable interaction.  Even if, that communication includes statements like, “Mr. Sturtevant…you’re a bizarre individual!”

Yes, I spiced up yesterday’s casual Friday with this ensemble. I love the maroon and orange/yellow hues in this shirt.  It reminds me of the robes worn by Buddhist monks.  Hence, this concoction is called…”Buddhism’s Great Vehicle”