Ep.12-Assess your Assessments with the Garden State Guru…Michael Dunlea


Micheal Dunlea…the Man from Manahawkin

Picture this, you’re having a medical procedure done. Before they put you under, you tell the doctor, “I want you to perform this procedure from memory. You’re absolutely not permitted to use any resources. You may not look at your phone, consult the internet, and you’re especially not allowed to ask other doctors for help. If you don’t complete the procedure within an hour, you must put down your instruments and exit the operating room!”

It would be hard to imagine many patients surviving such a setup. And yet, that’s pretty much what teachers do to kids daily. No wonder many students suffer from test anxiety. This episode will challenge that thinking when it comes to assessment.

Michael Dunlea’s credentials are impressive:

  • Alliance for a Living Ocean/President(Acting) & Vice President · 2012 to present
  • America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers & Principals/National Teacher Fellow Cohort 2
  • Stafford Township School District/Second Grade Teacher
  • New Jersey Teacher Advisory Panel NJTAP South Jersey
  • America Achieves Teacher Fellowship
  • New Jersey Department of Education/NJ State Standards K-2 Sub-Committee

Michael is passionate about accurate assessment. But he’s all about assessing compassionately! Listen to this episode to alter your paradigm about this important issue!

Episode Template

The Problem:

Traditional assessments don’t accurately measure student learning.

The Solution:

Create diverse, inclusive, inspiring, affirming and engaging assessments that promote future collaboration.

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Create an essential questions handout.
  • Challenge students to demonstrate deep understanding.
  • Encourage collaboration or independent effort.
  • After the demonstration, begin a conversation.

Listen to the episode for more details: 

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