Ep.2-21st Century Journaling


Student journaling is in desperate need of a 21st Century public relations face-lift! Listen to this episode to learn how to deeply engage students through blogging. This is blogging at a whole new level, not just…”Tell me your feelings about this topic!”

Here’s a link to my prompt on the Buddhist Meal.

Here’s a link to my prompt on the Islamic Podcast.

Episode Template

The Problem:

Many students are turned off by journaling.

The Solution:

Utilize Student Blogging

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Prepare a wonderful meal.
  • Sign-up for Edublogs.
  • Create your first blog post. 
  • Direct students to comment.
  • Create your first blog prompt! 

Listen to the episode for more detail! Please check out all of the episodes of the Hacking Engagement Podcast on iTunes!