Ep.4-Reverse Engineer Bonding with Students

Comic by James Alan Sturtevant

Perhaps you’re coming on too strong! Comic by James Sturtevant

Teachers are often lectured, “Get to know your students!” That’s not easy to do. A lot of kids can be pretty closed down and if you try to get to know them before they’re ready…it can be counter productive. This episode offers a different approach to bonding with students. Try reverse engineering these relationships!

My lovely wife Penny and I recently authored an article on Edutopia all about sharing stories to bond with students and colleagues.

Dug Sturtevant

Dug Sturtevant…He looks like he needs another toenail trim!

dug suspended like a "57 Chevy

Dug Sturtevant suspended like a ’57 Chevy waiting for a toenail trim


Episode Template

The Problem:

It’s hard to get to know students.

The Solution:

Become more approachable through reverse engineering.

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Select an experience.
  • List attributes. 
  • Practice a 2-minute monolog about an interesting experience.
  • Deliver the monolog before the lesson.
  • Prompt students

Listen to the episode for more detail!

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