Ep.5-Jen Wilson…the Quick Response Woman…Engages Reluctant Readers

Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson is the “Quick Response Woman”. She advocates engaging reluctant readers with QR codes. Give a listen and learn how to use QR codes, in every grade and in every subject, to engage learners!

Here’s Jen’s wonderful post on the nuts and bolts of using QR codes!

i-nigma is an easy free QR code site where you can get a QR code reader for your phone!

If you’d like to up your QR code game…check out qrstuff.com 

Episode Template

The Problem:

Many students are unenthusiastic about reading.

The Solution:

Utilize QR Codes

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Select a book or reading essential to your course content. 
  • Learn about QR codes and how to use them. 
  • Produce a QR code for the lesson prompt. 
  • Create the student prompt for the trailers.
  • Create categories for the Academy Awards presentation

Listen to the episode for more detail!

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