Ep.7-Sara Sawdey Unleashes the Vowel Squad for Peerless Peer Teaching

Sara Sawdey

Sara Sawdey


Sara Sawdey has a knack for engaging 6-year-old boys who instead of sitting in class learning to read and write, would rather be in the gym playing dodgeball. Sara took some of these squirmy guys and transformed them into the Vowel Squad. The Vowel Squad then embarked on a journey of deep understanding and peer teaching!

Episode Template

The Problem:

Kids don’t want to sit all day. They want to move!.

The Solution:

Deputize students to teach their peers.

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Deputize a small cadre of students to peer-teach a challenging topic.
  • Have this small group create an instructional video.
  • Have your small cadre evaluate their video.
  • Display the video to the remainder of the class.

Listen to the episode for more detail!

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