Holiday Gift Idea

So this post, is a stretch!  YES…your curriculum can translate into gift-giving ideas. YES…doing so will shoot the DORK METER off the charts.  ABSOLUTELY…you should share the entire enterprise with your students.  Through out my career, my students have loved my Guess What I’m Getting Mrs. Sturtevant stories.  Such show and tell sessions help me bond…make me seem like, well…a regular guy.  I hope they can keep a secret!

I teach dual enrollment World history.  A big part of the class is India. When I was a teen, a popular sandal for my female peers was the buffalo sandal, or some called them hippie or Jesus sandals.  I thought they looked hot!


The history of these sandals is cool.  They come from India and are called Kolhapuri Chappals.  The were first worn in the 13th Century and were made from thick swaths of buffalo hide.  The modern sleeker version first appeared in the 1920s.  Imperialist pale faces thought they looked cool, so they brought them west.

What I really love about this gift, is because they’re from India, I’ve great hope…perhaps naive, they were crafted humanely.  The Indians are famous for not slaughtering cattle.  I’ve read leather is procured there through natural processes.  I SURE HOPE THAT’S ACCURATE!


So guess what my wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law are getting for X-mas?  Don’t worry, they don’t even know I have a blog!