How Do You Know They Got It?

“How do you know if your students learned it?”

That’s a tough question!  An important question! Teachers must try all kinds of methods to assess student learning. Here’s a neat tool for your arsenal:

  1. Create a form in google docs based on your learning target
  2. Create a QR code from a generator…like this one 
  3. Copy the image onto a handout, or post it in various locations
  4. Have the students scan it with a free barcode reader app like Red Laser
  5. For those kids that don’t have a smart phone, supply a hard copy
  6. If you have a barcode scanner…find out what I’m assessing by reading the image below
  7. url

2 thoughts on “How Do You Know They Got It?

  1. Loved the sample. The QR codes can also be used for in class problem or question scavenger hunts. I have also used them for teacher PD sessions for teachers who were working ahead of others. They were placed in the corner of tasks so if they finished the task early they could explore additional/more in-depth information. In the classroom, that translates into differentiation for students who need more challenge. The QR codes are so appealing they can have the effect of causing more students to work additional problems or gain more information.

    • I like the idea for PD! I’m doing some teacher PD this summer and I’ll definitely include a QR code. I’ll prompt them for feedback. Also, I might do a little formative assessment.

      If you’re free October 16 at 3:30, I’ll be presenting at Muskingum as part of their Author Talk series. I’d love to see you!


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