James Sturtevant Ep.8-Take the Preference Pulse of your Students with SurveyMonkey


The Room 111 Summer Studios

Trying to determine what another is thinking is one of life’s great challenges. You may have spent the majority of a first date wondering just that! Understanding another’s preferences can save time, effort, and money. So, when it comes to our student’s preferences, let’s become detective-like and solve some mysteries with SurveyMonkey!

Here’s my ridiculous survey on Sturtevant Outfit Preferences:


Episode Template

The Problem:

Teachers don’t know student preferences.

The Solution:

Utilize SurveyMonkey.

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

  • Sign-up for Survey Monkey.
  • Create a Poll.
  • Ask a bonding question.
  • Ask about activities preference.
  • Insert a hook.

Listen to the episode for more detail!

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