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  1. What good can education in mirlucultutal education do? What are the benefits of knowing about other cultures? How can mirlucultutal issues impact or influence service delivery? Tell us what YOU think!Multicultural education helps us to learn more about others. Learning more about others helps to better understand why they are the way they are.When you understand other’s beliefs and background you can better communicate and serve them as a speech pathologist. They will respect you more if you respect them and take time to be educated in their culture. When we understand cultures we can better view our own culture. We might think we do not have a culture. When we research other ones, it helps to see what exactly culture is. Understanding this helps to see our own culture. When working with clients we can use their culture to help make therapy most helpful to them. If we understand the religion part of their culture we can use religious things in therapy. Words related to their religion might be important ones to make sure they can say. Understanding how their culture feels about going to see someone to fix their child is important. They may not see the point in seeing you when their child is supposed to be that way in their opinion. It is important to have mirlucultutal education to understand your clients.

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