Try Not to Take Yourself too Seriously

Sure, educating the youths of America is important.  But sometimes, a little levity can lead to deep understanding.

In WWI, defensive positions protected by machine guns were extremely difficult to overcome.  Often times, precious lives were wasted in insane attempts to charge enemy trenches.  This stalemate was a product of stubbornness, and lack of creativity.

WWI is a somber topic.  Oddly, a ridiculous demonstration, in which I act like a 6-year-old playing war, has helped my students understand the futility of this horrible conflict.

No Man's Land

No Man’s Land

Aside from deep understanding displayed on assessments, I’ve had students, many years removed from my class, remind me about how much they enjoyed this silly demonstration. Mission accomplished!!

So, let your hair down…just a little (which is impossible for me).  In the process, you and your students could build a memory which will last a lifetime.