When it comes to controversial issues…PLAY EM’ CLOSE TO THE VEST!


I was 24…a rookie teacher…full of testosterone and certainty, perhaps false certainty. But nonetheless, I had it all figured out. I was attempting to enlighten my class on some controversial topic ( I forget the topic…it was, after all, 30 years ago). Looking back, my exercise in enlightening my students seems more like indoctrination.

In retrospect, I believed I was engaging in a teachable moment. My beliefs were well founded. It was a teachable moment. What I didn’t realize, was that I wasn’t the teacher, but the student!

After class, a brilliant young lady informed me, “Mr. Sturtevant…you should be careful about promoting your views so passionately in class. I don’t agree with your views, and I’m not alone!”

This unsolicited student feedback pummeled me! It was, quite frankly, the most powerful teacher evaluation I ever experienced, far more powerful than any administrator’s directives. OF COURSE SHE WAS RIGHT! I was erecting barriers between my students and me. Certainly some of my students didn’t agree with me! Why in the world would I want to alienate those kids? My goal should’ve been to help students think, not to indoctrinate!

From that point forward, I played them close to the vest. My students don’t know where I come down politically, religiously, or socially. That’s the way I can form relationships with ALL my students, whether they agree with me or not!

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  1. Great advice! It applies as well to supervisors, managers, executives who should be perceived as being neutral on many issues.

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