15-Tracy Enos Puts Kids in the Driver’s Seat with her Magic Wand



I’ve always been intimidated by student-directed learning. I hate to admit it, but I’m a bit of a control freak and I worry about classroom anarchy! That’s my gut’s hesitancy. My head knows that it’s a wonderful way for kids to learn and it’s highly engaging.

If you, like me, are hesitant about student-led learning…I’ve got a guest that’ll help us get over the hump! Tracy Enos is a middle school teacher from Rhode Island. She’s ALL about putting students in the driver’s seat! Listen to her impassioned message and then climb in the backseat and fasten your seatbelt.

Here’s why Tracy is convinced that student-led learning helps kids:

  • Creat
  • Collaborate
  • Think Critically
  • Be Active Learners
  • Develop 21st Century Skills

These wonderful attributes materialize when Tracy waves her magic wand! SORRY…you’ll have to listen to solve that mystery!

And finally, check out Tracy’s student playlists.

Skills Lab Playlist-Parts of Speech Review Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs

Argument Writing Playlist

Dystopian Literature Book Club Student Playlist

Intro to Anne Frank Group Playlist to Share

Episode Template

The Problem:

Students often aren’t engaged because they’re too passive in the classroom.

The Solution:

Create an environment where student-led learning is the norm!

What You Can Do Tomorrow: 

Apply these 4 questions to tomorrow’s lesson:

  • How much time is needed to practice/ master skills?
  • How can students have a voice concerning where and when learning takes place?
  • What does each individual student need to accomplish their goals?  
  • How can they show that they’ve understood the topic or mastered the skill?  

Listen to the episode for more detail:

8 thoughts on “15-Tracy Enos Puts Kids in the Driver’s Seat with her Magic Wand

  1. Outstanding. Than you!

    As a fifth grade teacher I sometimes see tremendous reluctance on the part of students in taking the plunge into the freedom ocean I offer them. I understand and appreciate that the “ocean” is so vast and the freedom and independence so new, but the aversion can be highly intimidating to them.

    The students and I collaboratively construct our guidelines for safety in the classroom. I am a disciple of and preach the idea of “beginner’s mind” … any suggestions that you might offer would be appreciated!!

    Thank you.

    • Thanks ROB! Great comment! You’re awesome at this! I’M sometimes reluctant as well! Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment!

  2. I work with Tracy and she is a tireless advocate for each of her students. Her students love the playlists and the fact that they are in the drivers’ seats – even though they are only 13 years old. She is a quintessential collaborator and regularly facilitates PD for her colleagues. We are very fortunate to have her in our school district in West Warwick, RI.

    • I don’t doubt that for 1 second!!! Thanks so much for listening and commenting Pat!

  3. Tracy is an inspiration to us here in West Warwick. The energy and enthusiasm that you heard is legitimately what she brings to her classroom each day. Every kid deserves a “TrEnos”.

    • Thanks so much Keith for listening and commenting! I’m a huge Trenos convert!

  4. Tracy is a trailblazer! What a treasure she is for the youth of West Warwick. So happy for her that the wonderful work she does is being recognized and shared!

    • Hey Monique! Thanks for listening and commenting! I’m a card carrying member of the Trenos Fan Club!

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