85-Stella got her Groove Back by Becoming Google Certified…Starring Stella Pollard


A 30-year teaching gig is no walk in the park. It’s hard to imagine anyone doing the same thing for 30 years, but that’s exactly what many teachers do. Please don’t interpret this statement as negative towards this noble profession. It certainly was not intended that way…it’s just human nature to get restless regardless of how much you love a job. I love teaching. I love my students. However, I’ve gone through seasons in my career when I felt stymied. Such feelings were my primary motivation to write my books and create this podcast.

For some teachers, migrating to administration fulfills their goal-oriented natures, but admin is certainly not for everyone. The rest of us mere teachers must generate our own tactics for battling complacency. This episode offers an idea…become Google certified.

To talk about this fascinating option is the effervescent Stell Pollard. Stella is a 4th grade Science teacher from Frankfurt, Kentucky. After her rookie year in the classroom, Stella felt like she needed to up her instructional game. She pursued Google certification as a result of this professional restlessness. In the process, she’s transformed her classroom and opened professional doors for herself. Stella is going places! She is not only on a mission to create the best possible learning environment for her kids, but she’s also on a hero’s quest to help colleagues do the same. She’s helping me! Here’s a link she shared on infusing Doctopus and Goobric. I had heard of neither and once I publish this episode, my plan is to dive in!

Episode Template

The Problem:

Teachers lack professional goals outside of becoming administrators.

The Solution:

Become Google certified.

What you can do Tomorrow:

The best goals are self-generated. Google certification could be your golden ticket to a more engaging classroom and a future filled with professional options.

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