Hacking Engagement Podcast


Photo by Hailey Arend

It is my great pleasure to publish this weekly podcast. My goal is to help you engage students tomorrow! My episodes are between 10 and 20 minutes…a typical commute to school. Here’s the episode template:

  • Part 1 is the problem
  • Part 2 is the solution
  • Part 3 is what you can do tomorrow

Below are links to each show. Please navigate to the show notes, which is a highlighted link under each episode. If you enjoy Hacking Engagement, please subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes! Thanks for listening! 

Listen to “36-Students Caroline Gose and Simon Srisongkham Explain how to Build Student Allegiance” on Spreaker.

Episode 36 Show Notes

Listen to “35-Connie Hamilton and Starr Sackstein Urge you to Rethink Homework” on Spreaker.

Episode 35 Show Notes

Listen to “34-Abigail Myers and Mason Wright are Two Students Urging You to Include Squats and Pushups in your Curriculum” on Spreaker.

Episode 34 Notes

Listen to “33-Noah Heath Prescribes Art as an Antidote for Test Anxiety” on Spreaker.

Episode 33 Show Notes

Listen to “32-Samantha Bickley and Grace Hofer are Two 16-year-olds that Will Set you Straight about Group Work” on Spreaker.

Episode 32 Show Notes

Listen to “31-Science Teacher Ryan Mocarski Takes Self-Directed Learning to a Whole New Level” on Spreaker.

Episode 31 Show Notes

Listen to “30-Do Your Students Know how YOU Voted?” on Spreaker.

Episode 30 Show Notes

Listen to “29-Turn your Students into 5-Year-Olds” on Spreaker.

Episode 29 Show Notes

Listen to “28-Charlie Rowley Encourages Teachers to let Their Freak Flag Fly” on Spreaker.

Episode 28 Show Notes

Listen to “27-Dorali Arambula…a Beautiful Young Dreamer on More Inclusive Schools” on Spreaker.

Episode 27 Show Notes

Listen to “26-Amanda Reynolds and Channeling Your Inner Yoga Teacher” on Spreaker.

Episode 26 Show Notes

Listen to “25-The Celebrity Couple Nickname Game” on Spreaker.

Episode 25 Show Notes

Listen to “24-Hacking Engagement the Book Launch” on Spreaker.

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